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Timothy G. McNulty

General Civil Litigation

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Bremer Whyte law firm has represented many local and national corporations facing civil dispute cases in product liability, business disputes, insurance litigation and mass tort actions involving an array of claims.

From business litigation to employment law, real estate and commercial litigation, our knowledgeable civil litigation attorneys provide legal services in a wide range of practice areas. Whether you need legal counsel for family law matters or currently seeking representation for a settlement, Bremer Whyte can provide invaluable information about your rights, legal options and educate you about the best course of action. Our full-service law firm is comprised of highly established trial attorneys who offer services such as but are not limited to:

Personal Injury
Property Damages
Corporation formation and business litigation
Economic Losses
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Breach of Contract
Commercial and Residential Real Estate Legal Matters
Trust Litigation
Employment Litigation
Construction Contract Disputes

Our law firm provides highly skilled and experienced civil litigation lawyers with the utmost knowledge of civil procedure who know how to present the clients most effective case to a judge or jury in general litigation matters presenting the potential for significant damages exposure. We will aggressively represent your case and ensure that you receive the remedies that you are legally entitled to.

Bremer Whyte is an AV-rated law civil litigation practice firm who has developed strong attorney-client relationships over the years. Our firm specializes in litigation matters for indemnity, lost profits and coverage claims. Our civil litigation attorneys are skilled in:

Enhancing communication with clients.
Litigating efficiently and effective problem-solving.
Developing factual and legal defenses for complex scientific and technical issues.
Minimizing the cost of managing information.
Complex civil litigation.

For more information about civil litigation, legal advice or other legal issues and please schedule a consult with one of our general civil litigation lawyers.
Civil Litigation Representation
Our California offices are located in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and Riverside. Nevada offices are located in Reno and Las Vegas. We also provide civil litigation services in Denver, Colorado and Johannesburg, South Africa.

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