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Jonathan A. Kaplan

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

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Bremer Whyte’s litigation attorneys are well versed in real estate law, both residential and commercial, and stand ready to assist its clients with any legal issue that arises, whether such issue involves:

  • Landlord/tenant dispute
  • Creation of complex commercial lease
  • Residential non-disclosure issues

Bremer Whyte’s real estate litigation services can help resolve disputes between you and the real estate agency. We understand how difficult it is to deal with these matters, especially when it involved taking time off of work. Whether it’s a commercial lease for the family’s business or residential disputes with landlords, tenants or agencies, our real estate attorneys are committed to getting you the best outcome possible

Our law firm’s clients include:

  • Individual homeowners
  • Brokers and agents
  • Property inspection
  • Companies
  • Landlords
  • Residential and commercial tenants
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Property Management Firms

Call Bremer Whyte today to speak with one of our experienced commercial real estate lawyers or residential real estate lawyers to help with legal matters.

Our commercial and residential real estate attorneys have locations throughout California, including Newport Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and Riverside. Nevada offices are located in Reno and Las Vegas. We also provide these legal services in Denver, Colorado and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Get more information about our Residential and Commercial Real Estate Lawyers services. Enter your email below