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What is Environmental Law?

Environmental protections enshrined in law protect our nation’s natural resource, but environmental laws are a relatively new development in our nation’s history. Environmental laws and the regulatory structures that enforce them have developed as we, as a nation, have collectively recognized that pollution and environmental contamination can pose a threat to our safety, health, and […]

What is a Toxic Tort Lawyer?

Toxic tort lawyers fulfill an important role in our justice system by holding polluters and manufacturers of toxic materials accountable and recovering damages for the victims of environmental pollution. Despite this important role, many people remain in the dark regarding what toxic tort is and what toxic tort attorneys do. In this article, we’ll explore […]

What is Non Economic Loss?

When dealing with non economic loss, it’s important to arm yourself with the proper knowledge and insight first. Before diving in though, we must mention that non economic loss can be a touchy subject and is very different from basic economic loss. Legally speaking, this is because non economic loss requires a different kind of […]

Types of Economic Loss

When discussing economic loss, it’s important that you fully understand the basic meaning as well as the defining components that categorizes a case into such boundaries. Before getting started, know that many factors go into an economic loss case, and it can be challenging at times to come to a clear solution. That’s why we […]

Can I Buy a House Before My Divorce is Final?

While it is common for one spouse to require a new home after separation, it is unfortunately also common for divorcing spouses to attempt to dispute or hide marital assets out of a perceived need for self-preservation or even for revenge. The Family Code protects against this latter occurrence through a set of “automatic temporary […]

What Are Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders?

It may certainly be that the first few steps an individual wants to take after he or she files for divorce are to clean out the joint bank account, sell all the marital property, kidnap the dog, and read the newest self-help guide to divorce.  Unfortunately, under California law, only the last option is permissible. […]

How to Prepare for a Lawyer Consultation

It is crucial for everyone to adequately prepare for a consultation with a lawyer, irrespective of whether you are paying for the consultation itself. Be prepared to be honest and forthcoming, even if issues are sensitive to you.  Take comfort in knowing that the conversation you have with the attorney is private and cannot be […]

How is Debt Divided in Divorce?

California is a community property state, which means that assets acquired, and debts incurred by either spouse during the marriage belong equally to both spouses. Unless, of course, the spouses entered into their own agreement as to property division and the division of debts – a pre-marital or post-nuptial agreement. If no pre-marital or post-nuptial agreement […]

How are Retirement Accounts Addressed in Divorce?

As a general rule, the division of marital property during divorce litigation depends upon the date that each asset was acquired. Property acquired before marriage or after separation ordinarily belongs to the acquiring spouse. By contrast,  according to the law regarding property division, property acquired between the date of marriage and the date of separation […]

Divorce vs. Annulment

A marriage/domestic partnership can be legally terminated by either divorce or annulment.  There are significant differences between a divorce and annulment.   In thinking about the basis upon which a couple may obtain a divorce or an annulment, the first question is: what type of relationship must two people be in to either get divorced […]