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Family Lawyer Los Angeles Getting divorced? Need to find a family lawyer in Los Angeles? Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara LLP can help. Bremer Whyte is an AV rated firm with branch offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Newport Beach, Northern California, Las Vegas (Nevada) and Phoenix (Arizona). Bremer Whyte is a full-service law firm with approximately 80+ attorneys firm wide, and is committed to high-quality, economic and responsive legal services. Because our firm is a full-service law firm with expertise in all areas of practice, we are able to offer our family law clients a wide spectrum of background and expertise in addressing the specific and unique issues that arise in their cases. We are a litigation firm; therefore, we are always preparing our clients and their cases to be litigated, and if necessary to be tried. Discovery is the strongest tool in every case, whether it is done informally or formally. If we know exactly what information there is and have a strong position as to what a court is likely to order regarding each issue of contention, we feel stronger going into trail and/or settlement discussions. 85% of our contested divorce cases settle before trail. California is a community property state and has some of the most aggressive and cutting-edge fiduciary disclosure requirements in the nation. Both spouses have fiduciary disclosure obligations to fully disclose all assets, obligations, and other material information concerning property and support to the other. Failure to do so can result in severe and far-reaching sanctions. These disclosure requirements set California apart from other states in that spouses cannot hide assets or withhold material information without repercussions. From the outset of a family law case, the parties and counsel must establish uniform goals and decide on a strategy and approach to achieve those goals. Curtailed to the goals set, benchmarks should be set to accomplish both procedural and strategic landmarks in a case. Similar to a “Case Management Order” in a complex civil litigation matter, family law practitioners need to strive to have a matter accessed and set for trial as soon as they have a grasp on the issues at hand. Many clients are also in a position where they cannot afford to pay their attorney’s fees. Recently, we are seeing a trend where not only the “out-spouse” is unable to afford counsel, the “in-spouse” or breadwinner is struggling to pay their attorney’s fees as well, not to mention contributing to the attorney’s fees of their spouse. In these cases, the parties are faced with the prospect of handling the divorce themselves or going further and further into debt. Bremer & Whyte works with our clients to expeditiously settle the case and help minimize their legal expenses. If you are in need of a family lawyer Los Angeles, contact our Los Angeles BWBO office located at 21271 Burbank Blvd., Suite 110, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Tel: (818) 712-9800 Fax: (818) 712-9900 Family Lawyer Los Angeles
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